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pictureDogs need exercise and socialisation – wind, rain or shine! 

Too often there just isn’t enough time in the day for children, work, life – and a walk with your best friend, or a trip to the vet, or grooming parlour, or just for your doggie family member to socialise with and meet other dogs. 

So when you are short on time, or need a little extra help, call in Wagtails. 

We are never too busy to walk your four-legged family members, to help out with a routine veterinary appointment or to drop off and collect your dog from the doggie hairdresser. We will even drop in and feed your dogs, and give them a bit of company, if you wish. If it is doggie related – we will try and help!

We know how important a member of the family your dog is – and we will love and look after them as dearly as we look after our own.  Nothing is more important in our life than our Jack Russell Nala and our Parson Russell Nitro!

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